Bangor Water District

Terms for Your Water Bills

Terms for Water Bills Water bills are overdue if not paid by the due date shown on the water bill, and interest accrues at the approved rate.  Overdue water bills are subject to Maine Public Utilities Commission collection and disconnection procedures, including collection fees and reconnection fees per our approved tariffs.  Unpaid water charges are subject to lien proceedings under 35-A MRSA 6111-A.  All approved water rates are on file at our office, and MPUC rules are available at

 You will receive a minimum water bill whether or not any water is used, as long as you have access to the water system.  This minimum charge recognizes that all customers place a potential demand on our water system that we must be ready to supply even if the customer is not using water now or uses it only occasionally.  All water passing through the meter will be charged to the customer whether used, wasted, or lost through a leak.  The minimum quarterly water charge allows use of up to 9 hundred cubic feet (6,732 gallons) with no additional charge.

 Water Service:  If you do not need water service, contact us for an appointment to shut the water outside of the building and remove your water meter from inside the building.  You will no longer receive a minimum bill, but will be charged a reconnection fee when water service is restored.  Notify our office at least five business days in advance when you wish to terminate water service in your name (which may require a site visit); you are responsible for all water charges until the final billing process is complete.

 Financial Assistance for Water Bills:  If you cannot pay your water bill, contact us as soon as possible.  We will try to work with you to avoid disconnection of water service.  Financial assistance may be available through your local city/town office, Penquis CAP, or the Dept. of Health and Human Services in Augusta.  More information is available at or by dialing 2-1-1.

Calculation of Quarterly Water Bill:

Water is measured in hundred cubic feet (HCF).
To convert to gallons, multiply by 748

Minimum quarterly bill by meter size:

5/8-inch (typical residential size)             $36.45

3/4-inch                                                 $40.35

1-inch                                                   $44.27

1 1/2-inch                                              $58.92

2-inch                                                   $71.62

Add for each 1 hcf over 9 hcf                   $ 2.44

Example:  Consumption of 20 HCF on 5/8 meter

Minimum charge of 9 HCF                     $36.45

11 HCF @ $2.44                                    $26.84

Total quarterly water bill                         $63.29


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Last modified: September 30, 2016