Bangor Water District

How Can I Check My Water Usage?

Check your meter to determine your average daily use. Record your meter reading at the beginning of a measurement period and again at the end of the period. The difference between these two meter readings will be the water used.

Your water meter reads in cubic feet and can be easily converted to gallons by multiplying the reading by 7.5.

Sample Water Use Audit for a Family of Three



Meter Reading (cubic feet)

May 2

9 PM


May 9

9 PM



Total number of days: 7

Total water used: 200 cubic feet or 1,500 gallons (200 cubic feet x 7.5)

Daily use: 1,500 gallons 7 days or 214 gallons

Total Number of Users: 3

Average Daily Use per Person: 214 gallons 3 people = 71 gallons


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Last modified: September 30, 2016