Bangor Water District

Our water rates have been in effect since July 1, 2015.

The quarterly minimum bill is $36.45 (5/8 meter) based on 9 hundred cubic feet (HCF) minimum

For usage over 9 HCF, HCF is billed at $2.44 per HCF up to 210 HCF

Usage between 210 HCF and 15,000 HCF is billed at $2.14 per HCF

Our average residential customer uses:

  • 18 HCF per quarter or 13,464 gallons. 

  • This results in a water bill of $58.41 per quarter,
    or $19.47 per month.


Bangor Water District provides to its customers one of the LOWEST water rates in Maine.

Compare Bangor Water District's rate to other Maine water utilities.

Miscellaneous charges:

  • $35.00   to establish an account in your name

  • $35.00   if you do not pay your bill and we come to the door to collect

  • $65.00   if your water is shut off and you wish to have it reconnected

  • Higher fees apply outside of business hours

$134.00 to replace a damaged or frozen 5/8 meter during business hours.
Higher fees apply for larger meters and/or outside of business hours.

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Last modified: September 30, 2016