Bangor Water District

Bangor Water District Water Treatment

Johnston Pump Station pumps raw water from Floods Pond. A small amount of chlorine is added at Johnston to disinfect water as it travels approximately one mile to the Butler Ozone Treatment Facility. At the treatment facility, ozone (a strong disinfectant) is added to the water in the contact basins.  Ultra-violet light is applied to the water to inactivate a microorganism called Cryptosporidium. Chloramines (a combination of chlorine and ammonia) is added as a secondary disinfectant to prevent regrowth of bacteria in the distribution system. Soda ash and fluoride are also added in the chemical injection chamber. Soda ash is added to help prevent corrosion of piping materials, and fluoride is added to help prevent dental carries. The purpose of the surge tank is to help stabilize pressure in the distribution system. From the Ozone Plant, water travels by gravity to the distribution system.

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Last modified: September 30, 2016