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Burnt Pond located in Floods Pond watershed

 Floods Pond is one of eleven water supplies in Maine that has been granted a filtration waiver from the EPA based on its exceptional water quality. We are able to protect the water quality of Floods Pond by monitoring and controlling activities in the area, preventing pollution, and thus eliminating the need to construct and operate a filtration plant. No boating, fishing, or swimming is allowed in Floods Pond to compromise water quality. . Over the years, the Districtís Board authorized purchase of 3764 of the 4612 acres of land in the watershed, and has entered into agreements with other landowners to preserve an additional 802 acres.

In 1991, IF&W and the District installed artificial spawning beds in efforts to protect the Artic charr residing in Floods Pond for use when lake levels are low. IF&W used Floods Pond charr to establish populations in two additional Maine lakes.

The District has a formal forest management plan. Since the watershed is primarily forested, management of the timber resource is necessary to maintain good forest health, reduce the risk of forest fires and enhance water quality.



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Last modified: September 30, 2016