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Starting Water Service

If you already have a service line running from the water main in the road into your building, you may apply for water service. If there is no service line in place, you must first contact our Engineering Department.

Applying for Water Service

  1. Contact our office and provide the service address.
  2. Leave plenty of time. Several business days may be required to complete the process.
  3. We’ll help you determine
    • If the water is on or off.
    • If there are unresolved issues (unpaid bills, unsafe conditions, service concerns).
    • When the transfer of the water account into your name can take place.
    • If we need to get into the property as part of the transfer process.
  4. We’ll provide an “Application for Service” for you to complete, and an invoice for the application fee (currently $45).  We’ll also schedule an appointment to meet you at the property if required.
    • A new application is required after each break in service, i.e. landlord-tenant-landlord or moving from one house to another.
    • We will e-mail, fax, or mail the application materials to you.
    • You can pay the Application Fee through our website or by mailing us a check.

Most customers are billed once each quarter for water used in the prior 90+/- days. Your bill is based on the amount of water recorded by the water meter in your building. There is a minimum quarterly charge even if no water is used, unless the water is shut off by us at the valve in the street.  (More information on water rates is available under the Water Rates section.)

Stopping Water Service

Contact us at least five business days in advance when you wish to close your water account (permanently or temporarily).

  • (207) 947-4516 ext 1
  • Provide the service location, and the forwarding address for your final bill
  • Leave plenty of time. You are responsible for water charges until we are able to obtain a final meter reading.
  • If the water will be transferred to someone else’s name without service interruption, we will schedule a date to read the water meter but you will not need to schedule an appointment.
  • If the water must be shut off at the valve in the street, you will need to schedule an appointment to meet us at the service location.

When a customer ends water service with us, there is no automatic transfer to someone else’s name. That includes transfer to a landlord when a tenant moves. Once a customer ends service, we allow five business days for a new customer to assume responsibility for water account; after five business days, the water disconnection process begins.

Sewer Billing for the City of Bangor

Your sewer bill (if applicable) is provided by the City of Bangor, not Bangor Water. However, when you return your completed water “Application for Service,” we will send a photocopy of your application to the City of Bangor to set up a sewer account as needed.

NOTE: The City of Bangor issues sewer bills only to the property owner, not to tenants.