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Do you need to start the process for new water line installation, review our installation and material specs, request a DigSafe mark-out for our water facilities, or submit a bid or proposal? The necessary documents for these are located in this section of our website. Contact us if you have any questions.

Our Construction Department: repairs line main leaks and damaged hydrants; performs system maintenance work such as checking and repairing valves; conducts hydrant flushing every other summer; provides oversight of contractors working within our system; and coordinates response to DigSafe requests.

Our Engineering Department: reviews and approves plans for water line installation and renewal; maintains records of line and facility locations; inspects work done by contractors; and oversees maintenance of our fleet, equipment, standpipes, pump stations, and treatment sites.

Both coordinate with our Service Department on matters such as needed repairs to or impact on customer facilities, initiation of water service to new locations and hydrants, and planning for future utility needs.

Our work is often in cooperation with the City of Bangor or the State of Maine. When possible, such coordination avoids the need to tear up a roadway multiple times, reduces customer inconvenience, and often allows cost sharing.

We follow – and expect those working in our system to follow – detailed installation standards using specific materials. These are contained in our Construction Standards and in our Material Specification Standards, and help ensure a safe and solid water system.

Digsafe Requests

To prevent harm to water lines, you need to contact Bangor Water DIRECTLY in advance of any digging. Bangor Water facilities are NOT INCLUDED in DigSafe requests.

Complete the digsafe request form, and return AT LEAST THREE BUSINESS DAYS IN ADVANCE to:

If we have water facilities in the requested area, we will mark them out (for free) to eliminate the possibility of damage and save you the cost of repairs.