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PFAS non-detectable in our water

A new law requires all Public Water Systems in Maine to test for 6 per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), also known as forever chemicals.  PFAS are commonly found in non-stick cookware, and flame retardant or moisture resistant clothing and furniture.  A sample collected at the entrance to our distribution system in June 2022 was analyzed for 18 types of PFAS.  The results were “non-detect,” meaning less than the minimum reporting level (MRL) of 1.8 parts per trillion.  Bangor Water protects our source of supply from PFAS and other contaminants by land ownership and conservation agreements that limit human activity in the Floods Pond watershed.  5,611 acres (over 98%) of the watershed is currently controlled by Bangor Water.  Investment in the protection of our watershed preserves the pristine quality of our water, safeguards public health, and minimizes the cost of water treatment.  More information about PFAS in drinking water as well as Maine test results can be found at: